Digitalization - Raise your hand if this term does not make your eyes glaze over. It seems to be part of every "buzzword-bingo", but even if it is ubiquitous and you believe you can "make something of it", our recommendation is not to get too preoccupied with trendy word-play. Instead, focus should be on the medium and long term changes that digitalization demands.




​Working in partnership we create and sharpen your awareness for the digital topics – topics that give companies a competitive advantage in any environment. Collaborating with our clients and partners we can provide support by taking the necessary steps to achieve your desired transformation.

Our belief

# Doing nothing is not an option.

# Racing ahead without a plan is senseless.

# Short-term thinking is detrimental in the long run.




Our Portfolio

We combine technical insights with business methods and approaches from our management consulting expertise, big corporates and start-ups. The core competence of our digitalization enthusiasts - whether it is agile or waterfall – is the targeted approach to solving complex topics and implementing this sustainably through all project phases. 


We create important prerequisites to align and harmonize interactions between people and technology. Complex and dynamic markets require agile mindsets and tools to permanently adapt to changing conditions. 55BirchStreet provide targeted approaches and methods as to change the culture and cultivate change.


We accompany our customers on their way into the future by continuously monitoring market potential, technology developments and changing digital business models, whilst assessing potential disruption scenarios.

Our Understanding


Our projects are characterized by flexible, adaptable structures and a common team approach. "We put on our sneakers, roll up our sleeves and get things done".


Operating independently from existing systems and providers, we are unrestricted and unbiased when it comes to exploring new solutions and suppliers and can therefore offer you objective recommendations.


We believe that transparency is one of the most important factors for ensuring success and the prerequisite for this is honesty. ​While this may not always be easy, it creates the basis for successful cooperation and most importantly trust. 


Our focus is on solving current and future business problems rather than just re-defining organizational charts or selecting the right systems.


We see ourselves as interim colleagues that wish to remain engaged with you for as long as we can add value. We will not necessarily know the answers to all questions at first but working alongside our clients, we will be able find them by working together as a team.


With growing speed of change, we believe strongly as ever in individual solutions for our clients.

The Team

The 55BirchStreet team, with their curiosity for the unknown, combine competences and experiences from a wide range of projects and industries. We are committed to our clients and supporting them in mastering the challenges of digitalization.


We are hiring

Exciting customers and projects require keen minds and personalities. Are you an "out of the box” thinker willing to step out of your comfort zone? Do you have an affinity for challenges and proactivity while being able to bring structure and focus to a complex and fast-moving environment?


Apply at 55Birchstreet! Send us an e-mail:

Overview of our industry experience

Our colleagues have already successfully completed projects in the following industries. 

We will be happy to provide more information on request.

Sport & Events


Finance & Insurance

Retail & ​E-commerce 

Travel & Transportation

Construction & Infrastructure


Hotel & Gastronomy

Extract From Our References


Head of IT & Controlling

bonprix Handelsgesellschaft

"That's what I call real collaboration."

"Anne, Martin and Ben supported us and managed the successful company-wide SAP implementation from the very beginning. Whether as project, risk or test manager -  their professional competence, hands-on style and great interpersonal skills kept the project team on track.

They assured we took time for relevant topics and were always at our side as strategic sparring partners and decision makers.


Great team! Good job, well done!"


Member of the Executive Board 

AURETAS family trust GmbH

"Collaboration on eye level"


"Pragmatic, agile and competent - this is how 55BirchStreet, together with their partner network, helped us take our first steps into uncharted digital territory.

As a result, we managed the MVP go-live of our online customer portal after only 3 months. Additionally, we got numerous ideas and innovative approaches to successfully drive our digital transformation.



Thank you 55BirchStreet!"

Our Partners

Around technology, products and services we cooperate with a network of specialists.

Our Blog

In the "BirchTank", we talk about current digitalization topics that impact us and the world of "new work". We talk about topics that we encounter in our daily lives, projects, business events and travels. We want to make complex topics tangible for everyone. Some articles are only available in German but feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Our three latest blog posts

For more blog posts click here.

Our Book Circle


„Education does not come from reading, but from thinking about what has been read.“


Carl Hilty

Our mission is to educate ourselves together! For over a year now, we have been selecting and exchanging on inspiring books together to grow our knowledge and insights. Is has proven to be an exciting way to gain surprising new learnings and perspectives.

Since we believe in the principle of knowledge sharing, we regularly expand our circle: "BookAholics" is a relaxed group of enthusiastic partners, clients and friends with whom we share ideas over pre-selected books, get inspirations and discuss topics in- and outside of our professional lives.

You wish to join us?

Just write us an e-mail at to join the next BookAholics event. Each evening has a maximum of 10 participants, so be quick: "first come, first serve".





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